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About Lars

When Lars Emmerich was twelve, he went to an airshow. An F-16 flew over the crowd, low and fast and impossibly loud. Something stirred in his chest and tears formed in his eyes. It was love at first sight. Lars and the F-16 went on to enjoy fifteen incredible years together.

While Lars was a young lieutenant in Undergraduate Pilot Training, he read a Tom Clancy novel. It was his first exposure to the espionage and conspiracy thriller genre, and again it was love at first sight. "I will write stories like this one day," he vowed solemnly.

He's still trying to live up to that promise.

About Sam Jameson

Sam Jameson catches spies for Homeland. Not a traditional female career path. But Sam's not really the traditional type.

She has great aim and a bad temper, and they don't always mix well. She also has the dubious distinction of having died once in the line of duty.

Sam is the star of the Sam Jameson series, which now boasts over 1,000,000 fans in 17 countries.

"This is the best writing in decades. Move over, Lee Child."

- Steve Harrell

Why Lars 'Fired' Amazon

Once upon a time, Amazon decided not to pay Lars his royalties.

Lars was frightened and confused. Authors have children and must buy groceries, after all.

"Why, oh Amazon, have you done this thing?" Lars cried.

But the Amazon humans were too busy to answer, for Lars was not yet famous enough for their attention.

Only the robots took the time to reply... though the robots gave him no answers.

This taught Lars something important: authors cannot rely on Amazon.

So he learned how to connect directly with readers and fans, and it is the best decision he ever made.